Quality and Environmental EMS Policy

REÇBER Cable manages its processes by applying Quality and Environmental Management Standards, protects the environment and ensures customer satisfaction.

Our customers are our asset. First of all, our most important duty is to offer our customers the best quality products on time at affordable prices in line with their needs and expectations, and then to prepare products for them that comply with the latest technological developments. For this purpose, both our customers’ requests and technological developments are closely followed.

Our organization is the leader in its sector in its product range. It achieves this with its leadership-spirited management and team. Responsibilities are shared to strengthen and maintain its presence effectively. The leaders and employees of the teams embrace their work as if it were their own.

We can only meet customer needs and expectations with our employees. Our organization’s employees, who are educated, have increased competencies, and are valued for their ideas and thoughts, are our most valuable elements to achieve our goals.

The proper realization of our products depends on the correct management of our processes. The correct resources necessary and sufficient to carry out our activities have been determined and provided. Possible Risks are constantly questioned, monitored and researched to turn them into Opportunities.
In addition to all these, our duty is to prevent environmental pollution and reduce the use of natural resources in order to leave a more livable environment to future generations. To this end ; Decisions are made on optimum solutions during the design, supply and production stages.

Our organization tries to achieve its goals by managing its processes for a single purpose. Our organization creates the necessary methods to ensure this. Continuous improvement is based on the creation of General Goals and Department Goals linked to them that are compatible with our Policy.

Our organization has determined performance criteria to address all departments and all tasks and is moving forward with targets for continuous improvement in order to ensure sustainability.

The knowledge gained and learned in our processes is valuable. Sharing and understanding information is even more important. For this purpose, data is monitored and the results are effectively evaluated statistically. The decisions taken for our organization are based on data whose accuracy has been evaluated. Standards and legal regulations are indispensable in the evaluation of our data.

Our Suppliers and Subcontractors are also considered a part of REÇBER Cable. The same Quality Level and Environmental sensitivity is expected from them. For this purpose, visits are planned, examinations are carried out and training is provided to improve them.

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