Temperature range fixed -30°C …+70°C

flexing 0°C …+50°C

Bending radius min. fixed min. 7.5 x D

flexing min. 15 x D

Conductor resistance 0.22 mm2 max. 96.0 Ω/km

0.50 mm2 max. 39.0 Ω/km

0.75 mm2 max. 26.0 Ω/km

1.0 mm2 max. 19.5 Ω/km

1.5 mm2 max. 13.3 Ω/km

2.5 mm2 max. 7.98 Ω/km

Insulation resistance min. min. 200 MΩ x km
Test voltage 0.22 mm2 1200 V

0.50 mm2 1200 V

0.75 mm2 1200 V

1.0 mm2 1200 V

1.5 mm2 2500 V

2.5 mm2 2500 V

Operating voltage max. max. 300 V
Standards TSE K 353, DIN VDE 0812
Fire performance Vertical flame propagation EN 60332-1-2
EU declaration of conformity LVD Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances 2011/65/EU

PVC insulated and sheathed range is used for signal transmission in interior installations. Flexible and slim design provides installation advantages in confined spaces. Used in industrial electronics, computers and office equipment, indoor communication, audio and security systems. The cable is protected against ambient electromagnetic interference by its foil and braided screen.

Conductor Stranded copper wire Class 5, IEC 60228

Insulation PVC, in compliance with DIN 47100 insulation colour coding TI52 EN 50290-2-21, YI2 DIN VDE 0207-4

Strand Pairs are bundled together in stranded layers Screen Al-Pet tape min. 100% coverage Tinned braided copper wire

Sheath PVC – RAL 7001 Grey TM51 EN 50290-2-22, YM1 DIN VDE 0207-5